Compassionate intent, though unabashedly cranky over time…

I’m frankly surprised that somebody discovered this heretofore unused forum for venting about the vagaries of the process of adapting to change as one ages. I think I created this blog sometime in 2009 or 10 with the intention to bitch- crab-complain, albeit with humor hopefully, regarding my perceptions of an  increasingly mad and unintelligible world-to me at least-and thereby perchance make a little sense of it. I did not go forward with the task. Now however, at the beginning of a new year and one step closer to the grave, perhaps that can happen.

The range of subject matter that may be covered is broad. As an example: the increasing importance of organic and locally grown food as a counter to scorch-the-earth industrial scale agriculture; the joy of heirloom fruits and vegetables and real cider; the rise in power and tyranny of corporations since the repeal of antitrust laws;the question of survival beyond the grave and why nobody wants to talk about it and what, if anything, does the ‘new” physics have to say about it (nothing as yet so far as I know);the invaluable, incalculable benefit(s) of a liberal arts education; the spiritually uplifting and consoling qualities of the music of John Coltrane, Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, McCoy Tyner and so many others; hard to find wine; the manifest benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Gung. And likely much more.

This is a beginning. Let’s see what happens next.